Matt O’Brien Does More Than Read Tarot Cards

“There’s no point using tarot cards to look into the future if you’re just going to wait around for it. I’d much rather help people find their best possible path and then plan a way to get there as quickly as possible.”

Matt has been teaching a specialized form of self-defense to trauma survivors since 2009. It’s an approach to empowerment that helps people shake off the fog of their limiting illusions, wake up the power that’s been slumbering inside them for years, and break free from the pain and shackles of their past.

Matt doesn’t teach self-defense on this website, of course, but he does bring that positive, empowering attitude to everything he does. Whether he’s looking at someone’s cards or teaching them how to read the Tarot for themselves, Matt is all about helping people make their lives better.

As one client wrote, “It felt like a friend was cheering me on!”

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Tarot Readings For Relationships

Tarot Readings For RelationshipsTired of feeling alone? Or are you already in a relationship but you want to make it better? Or maybe you have doubts about the person you’re with? Many clients come with questions about future love, about the relationships they’re already in, and even with questions about friends and family.  

A good tarot reading can be a terrific tool for looking underneath the hood of a relationship and seeing what makes it tick. Or, if it’s not working, what it might take to tune it up and make it right.

Sometimes that might mean cutting poisonous people out of your life in order to make room for refreshing relationships to come in. Sometimes it means taking a good hard look in the mirror to see where you might change your beliefs just a little—and sometimes it only takes a tweak—in order to start attracting love automatically like a manifesting magnet.

Tarot Cards For Business And CareerTarot Cards For Business And Career

It’s also common for people to turn to tarot during times of struggle and stress with money, career, and business. 

Maybe there’s not enough money coming in. Maybe you feel stuck in your current job. Or maybe you feel unsatisfied and crave more fulfillment out of your work life, but don’t know how to approach it.

Whatever the source of your discomfort, a good tarot reader can help you find the best possible path out of your hardship and into a life of ease—with sometimes the answer being  surprisingly simple!

Tarot Card Readings For Your Life’s Purpose

Tarot Card Readings For Your Life’s PurposeSome people come to a tarot reader with nothing more than a vague sense of restlessness. They report feeling adrift, as if there’s something more to life than just clocking in at work and paying bills, but they don’t know what it is. In nearly 100% of the cases, these clients are in the middle of some serious spiritual upgrades.

Think of these clients like caterpillars in a cocoon. They’re struggling, but they don’t know why. A good tarot reading can help them pull back from the struggle to see the bigger picture. With patience, compassion, and a little help from the cards, a good reader can help them paint a picture of the butterfly they are growing to be

It doesn’t make the struggle go away, but a little hope from knowing what waits at the end of the struggle can go a long way.

Online Tarot Readings To Bring You More JoyOnline Tarot Readings To Bring You More Joy

At the end of the day, shouldn’t life be all about enjoying as much happiness as possible

Sure, into every life a little rain must fall. But a judicious use of tarot cards can help you keep those soggy days to a minimum and keep you instead in the sun and fresh breezes as often as possible. 

No one can make all the unpleasant things in life go away, but we can work together to keep  you in joy, in love, and in gratitude as often as possible.

Want To Learn How To Read Tarot Cards?

Learn How To Read Tarot CardsReading tarot cards for yourself is a wonderful way to increase access to your own intuition! 

Think of intuition as a skill like any other. Some people are born with a knack for singing, for example. Somehow they come into the world sounding just like angels. Other people? Not so much.

Nevertheless, regardless of their natural born talent, anyone can get better with practice and training. And, just like with singing, there’s a good chance that even your favorite stars put in a lot of years of hard work to get where they are, too. 

Maybe you don’t need to be a psychic star. But, just like a little song can help lighten a dull day, a stronger intuition can help attract more luck and more love into your life much, much more often.

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