Meet Your Psychic Guide

Hello! Are you struggling along your life’s path, trying to figure out what to do next? Or maybe what to do at all? You’ve come to the right place. I can serve as a psychic guide to help you find your way from feeling turbulent and troubled to organized and optimistic.

Come in and be welcome. Grab a virtual cup of coffee and sit with me while we get to know one another. 

My name is Matt and I am the proprietor of this place. You might think of me as part reclusive hermit, part cranky old man, and part encouraging coach. 

I think of myself as a philosophical tinkerer, collecting ideas from people smarter than me and then cobbling them together in fascinating (to me, at least) configurations to see what I can make them do. I’m like Doc Brown tinkering with time machines, except that I’m much more interested in the inner world of consciousness than the outer world of gigawatts and DeLoreans.

Let me share a brief version of my resumé, then we’ll figure out how I might be able to help you. (Because that’s why you’re here, right?)

  • I spent eight years as a member of an eclectic coven, practicing under the tutelage of a very accomplished, professional witch. As a young person, I never expected to be involved with witchcraft. (I wanted to be a Jedi!) Still, the witches had technologies for working with psychism, magic, and other unseen forces. That was as close to becoming a Jedi as I could manage at the time, so I went for it. 
  • I began reading tarot cards as a side hustle in 2013. It started as an experiment to test my psychic skills and to get some extra practice. Then I found that, as a psychic guide, I could help people see their lives with more hope and greater imagination. The experiment succeeded, and here we are!
  • I’ve trained in Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) since 2015, including two years of intensive study with Lori Williams. CRV is different from Tarot in that it discourages imagination, placing an emphasis instead on precision, documentation, and analysis. As of this writing, I have a verifiable (databased) accuracy of 70% overall, with some types of perception being more robust for me and others less so. As with any other skill, I’m constantly practicing and striving to improve.
  • I’ve been a professional empowerment self-defense (ESD) trainer since 2009. That experience has provided me with the opportunity to coach trauma survivors and other vulnerable populations while they fight to reclaim their sense of power, voice, and place at the proverbial table. Healing requires a lot of heavy emotional lifting. I can’t do the work for anyone, of course, but it’s been the honor of my life to assist and witness the process of so many brave people succeeding in their struggles. 

But that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you. If you’re still here and still reading, there’s a reasonable chance that there’s something I can do to help you.

Here are some of the most common archetypes of seekers who tend to wander in, looking for some help from a psychic guide. Maybe you’ll recognize yourself in one or more of the following descriptions. 

The Guidance Seeker

The Guidance Seeker is a passionate person who feels stuck somewhere along their life’s journey. They might be dealing with uncertainty around a significant decision or just generally lack a sense of purpose. They often feel the call for something more in their lives but they don’t know how to define that longing, much less how to pursue it.

I help Guidance Seekers by providing Life Path readings—describing for them a vision of how amazing their life could be as well as a path for getting there. 

Portrait of a Wounded Spirit archetype in need of a psychic guide, depicted as a sad-faced red-headed woman against a vibrant blue backdrop.

The Wounded Spirit

The Wounded Spirit is someone who’s burdened with emotional pain. They carry their grief and unresolved experiences like a knapsack full of rocks on an endless uphill hike. This type of person seeks hope, healing, and the relief that only a sense of peace can provide.

I’m not a counselor, so I cannot offer therapy. The best I can do is to serve as an intuition expert: listening, witnessing, and reflecting back the resilience I see in Wounded Spirits. Sometimes that’s enough.

Portrait of an Empathic Healer archetype, depicted as a woman with curly hair standing in front of a window on a rainy day. The image suggests that the woman is weary from the burden of caring for others.

The Empathic Healer

The Empathic Healer is a compassionate soul who struggles with the overwhelming emotions that come from absorbing other people’s energy, especially the “bad” stuff. This person typically is a counselor, social worker, or professional caregiver of some sort. They arrive seeking skills to ground themselves and protect their energy.

For Empathic Healers, I share as many of my psychic and emotional self-defense skills as I can, given the limitations of time and distance. 

Close-up portrait of a Resolute Novice archetype portrayed as a confident young woman with glasses. The image suggests that the young woman is full of burgeoning psychic power and seeks a guide to help her learn.

The Resolute Novice

The Resolute Novice is a curious seeker who longs to explore their psychic and magical abilities. This person knows there’s something inside themselves that’s bursting to get out. They just want a little instruction about how to proceed safely.

I help Resolute Novices as a psychic guide: offering advice, training, and coaching—or by referring them to someone more suited to their particular path. 

Portrait of an Ambitious Professional archetype represented as a distinguished woman holding bold black glasses. The image suggests that the woman is socially and professionally powerful and seeks psychic guidance to remain that way.

The Ambitious Professional

The Ambitious Professional is a driven corporate or entrepreneurial type who’s seeking a stronger connection with their intuition amidst the demands of their high-powered career. The more developed one’s intuition, after all, the greater the advantage in competitive environments.

I help Ambitious Professionals by providing both intuition-development training and done-for-you consulting.

Close-up shot of a middle-aged man representing the Inquisitive Skeptic archetype. The man is depicted with glasses and a gray-haired beard. The image suggests that he doubts the reality of psychism but seeks a guide to explore the topic anyway.

The Inquisitive Skeptic

The Inquisitive Skeptic is someone who’s intrigued by psychic development yet driven by rationality and reason. This person seeks concrete evidence and practical proof to make sure they’re avoiding scams.

I can help Inquisitive Skeptics by teaching them how to connect with their own intuition in ways that allow them to have a direct psychic experience while also leaving a documented paper trail that they can validate and analyze.

Portrait of a Mythic Muse archetype, depicted as a vibrant woman with colorful, radiant flowers in her hair that cast a rainbow aura that frames her face. The picture suggests that the woman is extremely intuitive, creative, and confident.

The Mythic Muse

The Mythic Muse seeks to enrich their creative work through psychic development. Most Muses arrive already dripping with intuition and having a robust divination or spiritual practice of their own. 

I help Mythic Muses by providing a fresh perspective on whatever situation they feel stuck in. Sometimes that involves reading the cards; sometimes that involves intuitively chatting about alternative paths and possibilities.

Portrait of a Seasoned Sage archetype, depicted as a sleek woman in a satin tank top against a glowing purple background. The image suggests that the woman is an accomplished psychic in search of further training.

The Seasoned Sage

The Seasoned Sage represents the whole spectrum of experienced psychics, witchcraft practitioners, and other intuitive professionals. People in this category don’t really need my help. They just want it. 

Seasoned Sages typically seek one-off readings (because the person in the mirror can be the most challenging client to see), or they’ll want lessons in specific magical skills to freshen up their own practices.

There are other kinds of clients, but these are the ones that show up most often. You might see yourself in one of these archetypes, seeking a psychic guide to help you find your way. You might even see yourself in more than one. Or none.

No matter who you are or how you see yourself, however, welcome. 

Please take your time to explore more of my website. Poke around in the corners. See what trinkets and treasures you might find. 

Feel free to reach out to me with questions. You can use my contact page for email or find me on most social media platforms. 

Meanwhile, I’ll be over here preparing another pot of coffee and contemplating whatever wild thoughts drift across the window of my attention. Who knows what fascinating arrangements I might be able to create with them?

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate your time, attention, and curiosity.