My privacy policy is simple and straightforward.

Your trust is important to me and I will treat your personal information like that of a close friend.

How I Protect Your Privacy

  • I never share your personal information without your written permission.
  • Payments are processed through PayPal, one of the most trusted names in credit card security.
  • My entire site is protected by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate.
  • Newsletter mailing lists are managed by MailChimp, whose Privacy Policy states:

We don’t, under any circumstances, sell your lists, contact people on your lists, market to people on your lists, steal your lists, or share your lists with any other party, unless it’s required by law.

Of course, none of this can guarantee that your information will be hacker-proof. But it certainly makes this website—and your private business on it—a much harder target for would-be thieves.

Generalized Discussion

The only thing I might do is discuss your reading in generalized, anonymous terms, especially for teaching purposes. For example, I might say

I’ve got a client who asked me about ______. How would you look into something like that?


Here’s a situation someone brought to me. Let me show you how I found her some answers.

That kind of (anonymized, non-specific) sharing helps me teach others. It also helps me bring additional resources to your situation because other people sometimes offer extra insights.

But Never Gossip

I would never, however, say

Can you believe this client, [Jane Doe]? You won’t BELIEVE what she asked me to look into!”

That’s gossipy, unprofessional, and just plain gross. There will be none of that around here.

So go ahead and ask me for a reading.

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I will protect your private information like I’m protecting the privacy of a close friend—with discretion, respect, and care.