If you’re feeling like there’s something missing, whether that’s passion, power, or just the joy of being alive, you are in the right place.

I use a combination of skills I’ve gathered from twenty years of championship sports, personal self-defense, empowerment work with trauma survivors, and the professional use of Tarot to help people explore what wonders might be waiting for them.

In other words, I help people who feel stuck, disillusioned, and adrift. There must, after all, be more to this life than just punching a clock and paying bills, right?

Yes, of course there is. And that’s where I shine. I help people reconnect with their senses of purpose, hope, and satisfaction.

Whether you want help with a career change, decisions about relationships, or are just wondering what your best possible future might look like, it’s my job and my passion to help you find it.

Please surf around my site to get a sense of who I am, then visit my Services page to learn how I can help you. If there’s something you don’t see—or if you have any questions at all—just send me a message. I’m always happy to help.

Looking forward to working with you soon!



aka The Varsity Witch

Is a Reading Right for You?

Have a quick question?

I won’t pull a rabbit out of a hat, but in this reading, I will pull your answer out of thin air. (Or something like that!)

This service is designed to get your reading to you as quickly as possible. Send me a message to start the process. Once your order is complete, I will draw   one tarot card and use it to provide your answer.

Quick Tarot Varisty Witch

This kind of quick reading gives you a good glimpse down your life’s path. You won’t get turn-by-turn directions, but you should get some helpful guidance.

Examples of good questions for a quick reading:
“I’m thinking about moving to France. Would that be a good idea?”
“I have a crush on this guy at work. Should I date him?”
“I don’t like my job, but I can’t decide what to do next. Which of these choices would be best?”

Please note that, while this service is faster than my other readings, it also lacks the depth and detail.

Want to know which of your past lives is interfering with your happiness now?

Want to know what you can do about it?

Have to make a serious business decision and need details?

Try one of my larger readings.

Want to satisfy a general curiosity or just sample my work?

This is the reading for you!

Looking for More Insight?

This reading is designed for people who want more detailed insight than I can provide with my Quick Tarot Reading. It’s good for deeply analyzing your concerns to reveal which paths might take you to your best possible outcome.

We can read via email, phone call, or video (Skype, Messenger, etc.). It just depends on what’s easiest for you.

Tarot Varsity Witch

Email sessions usually involve 2-4 exchanges. We’ll discuss your concerns, then refine everything down into a tightly focused question. After that, I’ll lay out the cards and record a video to explain what I see.

You will receive a link to download that video as well as a PDF markup of your reading so that you can follow along, make notes, and so on.

** Phone / Skype **
A typical phone or Skype session starts with 10-15 minutes of us talking about your concerns. That gives me time to understand the issue and help you form a tightly focused question. (The tighter the question, the clearer the answers!)

Once we get that “Eureka!” moment of knowing that we’ve got the right question, I will lay out your cards and explain what I see. After our session, I’ll send you a video or audio recording so that you can revisit your reading as often as you want.

Sometimes people don’t want to work with video, to talk on the phone, or have some other objection to this service description. That’s okay. I can be flexible!

If you’re looking for a reading, but have special concerns or considerations, feel free to contact me. I’ll be happy to work with you to customize a reading that suits your needs.

I will look at almost anything, but please keep in mind that 30 minutes is not much time. It’s usually long enough to cover one significant question. If you have more questions than we can squeeze into a single session, then we can easily book more than one session.

Ordering a Reading

When you find something you want, add it to your shopping cart.

When you are ready to order, you can pay for your purchase via PayPal. You may use your credit card or PayPal account.

If you have not ordered from me before, you will need to provide some contact information as part of your checkout procedure. (Your information is safe! Read my Privacy Policy here.)

Asking a Question

If you are purchasing a tarot reading, you can include your question in the Notes section of the checkout form. If you need or want more space to explain your concern, you can also use my Contact page.

I always send a greeting as quickly as possible to thank you for your purchase. In that email, I will double-check to make sure I understand your question correctly. That helps ensure that I’m looking at the right question and that you’ll get the right answers.

It Won’t Take Long

Usually, you can expect your results within 48 hours. I like to address your concerns while they’re fresh and get your answers to you ASAP.

If it’s going to take longer, I will let you know. (It once took 4 days, but that client ended up with 10 pages of insights!)

Follow Up and Feedback

I will try to contact you a few days after I send your reading. I like to follow up to make sure that everything was clear and satisfactory. You can also ask me to look again at any issues that need closer examination. (That’s part of my 110% Guarantee.)

Later, a third-party company will send you an email, asking you to rate your experience and offer comments. Please do! I strive to provide the best service possible and your feedback is vital to helping me do that. Thank you!

Contact Anytime

I love to hear from friends and former clients, from Web surfers, and other readers! Whatever your interest, please feel free to reach me by way of my Contact page. I am always happy to answer questions.

Looking forward to reading for you soon!

~ The Varsity Witch